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We provide you Pest Control Services for Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Food Processing Plants, Buildings and Distribution Warehouses etc.


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Our Pest Control Service Solve Any Pest Troubles in Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Buildings etc.

We, Alpha Pest control. have more than 2,000 Pest Control Service experiences in 10 years. Our customers are in many kinds of business fields, not only Food service (Restaurants, Grocery stores and Food Processing Plants etc.), but also Buildings, Distribute Warehouses, Welfare Facilities, Hotels and Apartments etc. We provide the best solution to each customer with Enough Experiences and High Quality Services.


Pest Control Specialist

We are specialist of Pest Control. We spend most of the times and efforts to seek better technique and effects. We never make an excuse of pest behavior or characteristics for giving up getting rid of them. We promise to commit your satisfaction.



Enough Experiences in Food Services

We provide our service to customers in many kinds of business fields. Especially, in Food Services such as Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Food Processing Plants, we have a lot of experiences to provide Pest Control Service to them. We have know-how to solve sanitary troubles in their facilities such as kitchen, pantry, hall, selling space etc.
We can provide service everywhere in Japan and happy to start business with restaurant chains, grocery chains and other chains.



Quick Response and Service

We constantly visit customers and provide service. Besides, we provide you extra service in case customer needs urgent support, we can provide quick response and service to customers.
Our company puts great importance on quick response and service to keep safe and clean environment of customer facilities.


Approach to Safety

We make active efforts to safety management of using pesticide and protection of customer information.

1.Prevent Food Contamination by Pesticide

We make sufficient efforts to prevent pesticide contaminate foods. We use pasty or solid pesticide, and set them on lower position under waist. Therefore, they won’t scatter to foods or products. Partically, we use liquid insecticide for flies, but it can take effect by using only for the inside of drains without scattering. We have never caused food contamination accidents from pesticide.

2.Prevent Losing Pesticide

To prevent losing pesticide, we fix pesticide not to be moved easily, and record their numbers and setting places.


We set rodenticide inside a lockable box, and fix the box on the floor or the pillar not to be moved easily. And, we record an attention to prohibit touching and our contact information on the box.


We bring pesticide into facilities as much as needed. We will not increase a risk of losing it by bringing in more than necessary.
In the cars loaded with pesticide, we fix their cases with locked chains for prevention of bringing by others.


We record numbers and setting places of pesticide on the report. You can recognize where and how many pesticide we set in your facility.

3.Prevent Food Contamination By Objects We Bring in

To prevent food contamination by objects we carry, we check types and the numbers of instruments we bring in at entering and leaving.

4.Keep Customer Information Safety

In our pest control service, we and our customers exchange many data include important customer information. Therefore, we take two security systems below to protect pest control information of customer’s.

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